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September 2022 Tablet

Volume 18, Issue 09
St. Augustine Evangelical Bible Church, Cor. Agostini & Bellesmythe Sts. Curepe



Written by Maria Branford


This building, this building so full of history,

How we came to be here, though, is not a mystery.

Rev. Crane’s left his American home and came to Trinidad,

This missionary wanted others to know the Truth he had,

In 1966 from tent meetings to services in homes around Curepe,

Four moves later, at this corner we became more permanently set.

This site was purchased, for $360,000, in 1981,

Back then (even now) that was quite a hefty sum.

Thank God for ISIVCF, our renting tenant brought some financial relief.

Fourteen (14) years later, by 1995, all payments were complete

God showed, no mountain too big for Him to defeat.

From garment factory to church, the renovations were great,

But progress was made when action met faith.

Kelvin Mapp, Ian Garcia, Alfred, Reid, Adolph Andrews to name a few

Began a good work and continued to see it through.

Though it took a few years, their labour made a reality

All that we currently experience and see.

This two-story building where there was once a shed,

Is a testament of time, effort and talent well-spent.

Matt 6:33 their motto- God’s kingdom comes first,

No action, no prayer was forced or coerced.

So as you sit and enjoy this air-conditioned wonder,

I want you to take a moment to ponder,

Our present is built upon this history

Of sacrifice and commitment…this is our legacy.

Over 50 years of service has provided you this gift,

Think about how you can be added to this servant list,

For you are here- in this church, as a member, - for such a time as this.



Special Update: Garrick Beckles


Operation Mobilisation

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I pray that this update reaches you well.

My flight has been officially booked and I am scheduled to leave Trinidad and Tobago on the 12th of September. I will be passing through England and arriving in Tirana on the 13th at 6:35pm (which would be around 12:35pm in T&T). I do have to change airports while in England, and so I would need to travel across. Given that I would have a lot of luggage on me, it was recommended that I hire a taxi to get across, which can cost upwards of 50 Euro. Any support towards this would be greatly appreciated.

I will be returning for a week or two at the end of January 2023 for the purpose of attending a wedding, and so it was suggested that I purchase a return ticket as it may work out cheaper to do so.

I am currently still awaiting my Certificate of Character, which by the estimates given by the Police Department should be completed around the 29th of August God willing. I plan to apply for my Travel insurance today, and most of what I needed to get has been purchased and I am waiting for them to be delivered.

We are still in the process of looking for an apartment for me to stay. I ask that you kindly keep this in prayer. The Logos Hope is scheduled to arrive in Vlorë shortly after I arrive in Albania, and so if we are unable to locate a sufficient space by then I will be staying with them in the interim.

After arriving, I will be helping them with ministry, beginning formal language learning, getting settled in with various applications to the Government and also be committing to visiting families twice a month in order to help get acquainted with the culture.

While I am almost prepared, there is still much to do before I leave. Please pray that in these last few busy weeks, that I may be holistically prepared for the journey ahead. Pray for health and safety in travel, that proper accommodations would be found as soon as possible and that I may be able to spend sufficient time with family and friends before I leave.

Pray for my relationship with my fiancée, that we will adjust to the different time zones and continue to prosper in our relationship with each other. Pray that I am able to settle in well and adjust to the culture, people and language there. Lastly and most importantly, pray that I may serve effectively from a pure heart and with the right motives, and to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I thank God once again for His faithfulness, and you for your prayers, love and support. May we continue to give our all to His honour and glory in everything that we do.




Shared PowerPoint

Denise Thompson IVCF


What's On

This Month


After the Anniversary Service, we are having an informal time as we are made aware in an interactive way of the various ministries and the persons involved in them. There will be a takeaway lunch


Fun Corner

SAEBC Crossword Trivia



This Month's

Prayer & Praises

Let’s Pray Without Ceasing
  • Lecturers, teachers and students as they go back out to school

  • The Bacchus sisters as they adjust to their father’s death

  • Keon, Christal, Kaylon and Kaytlynn as they embark on the next chapter of their life

  • Antonio Roberts as he goes as an exchange student at a University in Canada for a semester

  • Denise Thompson as she seeks to reach out to the IVCF Black Scholars and Professionals in IVCF USA

  • Garrick Beckles as he leaves for the mission field on the September 12th

Let’s Give Thanks
  • The Lord has faithfully brought SAEBC to 56 years of existence

  • The new members and visitors that the Lord has added to SAEBC

  • A wonderful VBS where so many persons got involved and the response of the children

  • The young adults and teenagers who are actively involved in ministries



Preaching Schedule

Luke – Jesus Christ: The Perfect Man – Saviour of the World

Memory Verse:

"The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour." - Luke 4:18,19 & Isaiah 61:1,2





Pastor Kelvin Mapp

The Announcement of Jesus Christ: The Son of Man, Saviour of the World – Luke 1:1-4:13 | Communion Service


Pastor Michael Ramai Munroe Road Evangelical Bible Church

Church Anniversary Service | Legacies to Living Stones – 1 Peter 2:4-9


Elder Lindon Mitchel

The Words of the Son of Man-Saviour of the World – Luke 4:31-9:62



AEBC Convention at Victory Heights

OCT 02

Elder Joe Caterson Jr

Words of the Son of Man and Saviour of the World – Luke 10:1-41 | Communion Service



9:00 AM

Sunday Service

11:30 AM

Sunday School

6:00 PM

Wednesday CBSI

7:15 PM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

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