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July 2022 Tablet

Volume 18, Issue 07
St. Augustine Evangelical Bible Church, Cor. Agostini & Bellesmythe Sts. Curepe


Equipping God’s People for Acts of Service


Trinidad and Tobago just escaped serious damage from the weather system that threatened us recently, thank God. The reality is that the hurricane season and the rainy season are upon us bringing the possibilities of high winds, heavy rainfall, flooding and destruction of property and life. How do we as a Christian community respond to natural and man-made disasters in our country and the wider Caribbean? To answer this and other related questions, let us go down memory lane and look at an editorial from our Tablet of October 2017. I am sure we will all find it as relevant as it was back then.

Acts of God- How We Should Respond to Natural Disasters This Editorial was adapted from an interview with Debbie Dowlath; for the full interview please check out her blog here.

In light of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes in the region, many persons have questions about how we, as Christians should respond to natural disasters. Looking at pictures and footage of the affected areas may leave some feeling helpless or even hopeless but as we look through Scripture, we are able to gain a better understanding of what God expects from us during times like these. Debbie Dowlath provides us with some answers.

My friend/family member in one of the affected countries lost everything they had, what can I say?

Many times, when people suffer disasters, we feel the need to “say something” to make them feel better. But for many of those people who are suffering, they already know the things you are going to say. What they need more than your assurance that “God is in control” is to know that they are not alone. Job’s friends’ initial response when he lost everything is often what is most needed – people who would come alongside them in their time of suffering and just be there. If you cannot physically be there, you can use Scripture that reminds them of God’s presence, comfort and love like Deuteronomy 33:12. Verses like this help to take the person’s eyes off of their situation, which can be very depressing, and place it on the One who is fully able to take them through it.

What should I be praying for when I pray for persons in the affected countries?

Pray for God to supply all their needs according to His riches in glory. Pray for comfort and peace for those who have lost loved ones. Pray for hope and for new opportunities for those whose source of income has been destroyed. Pray for wisdom and equity for those responsible for distributing aid. Pray for endurance and renewal of strength for those who have been working tirelessly to bring relief to those in need. Pray for peace and order among those who may be tempted to engage in lawless behaviour out of desperation. Pray for direction and strategies for those in charge as they develop medium- and long-term strategies to guide the recovery process. Pray that people who do not know Jesus would recognize the uncertainty of life, and seek to surrender their lives to Him while they still have breath.

What are some of the actions I can take to help?

You can organise a drive in your workplace/ school/community to collect some of the items needed e.g., toiletries, baby supplies, over-the-counter medication and deliver to the organisations assisting with the relief. You can give of your time to help sort and pack the donations they receive, or provide a meal for the volunteers. There is also a need for cash donations which help cover the cost of delivering the relief items to affected persons once they arrive in the country.

Finally, there will be a need for skilled professionals as the islands begin the rebuilding process. Consider using your vacation/taking no-pay leave to volunteer your services in the construction or medical field once access to these islands has been restored. Some reputable organizations which are currently involved in coordinating relief effort are: ITNAC (Is There Not A Cause), which AEBC is supporting in their relief efforts, 394-2042/485-0377; Financial contributions towards relief efforts can be made to either of our bank accounts in the name of Is There Not A Cause at First Citizen Bank Account # 1660410 or Republic Bank Ltd. # 510009446801.

This is happening now in Grand Riviere, Trinidad. ITNAC has been bringing relief to residents of Grand Riviere, some of whom are severely traumatized after having lost all their belongings due to recent flooding.



Ronald & Heather Yearwood


A mission update was provided by Ronald Yearwood at SAEBC Church Service on June 26th 2022. After their last visit to Trinidad, uncertainty reigned regarding their getting back to Guinea during the Covid outbreak and securing a vehicle. The first leg took them to the U.S. While there they were able to secure a vehicle. After Africanising it, they began making arrangements to ship it to Africa. During this period Russia attacked Ukraine which complicated matters more, as flights became difficult to get but God made a way and they safely arrived in West Africa. Having no vehicle, they remained in the city and decided to continue their Bible translation. They were joined by some friends from the village, who came out via motorcycles to the base, to help translate the book of Philippians into the Tanda language. Amazingly, they were able to complete the translation in six weeks using weekdays only. On the weekends they visited the Ojague Church and were astonished, after three years of absence, to see the children they once taught, now grown and expressing a desire to be baptised. They were delighted to return to Trinidad for the wedding of their son RaHndell. Further good news was the arrival of their vehicle in West Africa, on Friday 24th June 2022. This would facilitate their crossing the boarder with Guinea Bissau to make the hours-long drive through rough terrain to the remote village of Kapichank where they have begun the work of evangelism and church planting. He ended by entreating SAEBC to pray for them, the Ojague Church, and their mission to Kapichank.


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Prayer & Praises

Let’s Pray Without Ceasing
  • VBS that we get volunteers and that we will have a great turnout and that a number of children and teenagers will give their hearts to the Lord

  • For our Country’s continued safety

  • Our exam students as they prepare for/ begin the next chapter of their life

  • The new members that will be joining us on July 10th as well as the new couples and babies dedicated during July/August

Let’s Give Thanks
  • God’s protection from the storm

  • Our SEA students doing excellently in their exams

  • Good attendance and participation at our mid-year Church Business Meeting



Preaching Schedule

Matthew-Jesus Christ is the King and Messiah

Memory Verse:

"When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law" - Matthew 7:28,29




JUL 03

Jewelle Mapp (Sermon) Elder Lindon Mitchel (Communion)

Preparation and Presentation of the King – Matthew 3:1-4:11 | Communion Service

JUL 10

Elder Lindon Mitchel

Proclamation and Credentials of the KingMatthew 5:1-9:38

JUL 17

Brother Lindsay Gibbings

Heralds of and Opposition to the KingMatthew 10:1-12:50

JUL 24

Ebi Sonron

The Rejection of the KingMatthew 16:1-21:39

JUL 31

Noel Rose

The Betrayal, Death and Burial of the King – Matthew 26:1-27:66

AUG 07

Pastor Francis Warner

The Resurrection of the KingMatthew 28: 1-20 | Communion Service



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Sunday Service and Sunday School times will remain the same during July but we are working towards introducing live plus online Sunday School classes after Vacation Bible School in the first week of August. When this occurs, Sunday Services will return to normal times (9:00 to 11:00am)

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