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December 2022 Tablet

Volume 18, Issue 12
St. Augustine Evangelical Bible Church, Cor. Agostini & Bellesmythe Sts. Curepe



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As we bring our theme for 2021 and 2022 to a close, it is quite fitting for us to look at the Book of Revelation. This book really represents ‘Truth Tools for Tough Times’…

At the close of the first century, the church was facing serious persecution from Rome. The Apostle John was in exile on the Isle of Patmos for preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ… It was really bad news for the Caesars and the Roman Empire and their stranglehold on society throughout the known world. Roman oppression was ruthless, a band of iron holding many nations under its power and extracting tribute/taxes as its due while promoting the worship of its Emperors or Caesars.

In remote Palestine, however, a rural Rabbi had proclaimed a new Kingdom that would far surpass Rome in its dominion over lands, peoples and time… the Kingdom of God. After Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension John and the other Apostles preached the coming Kingdom in His name. John was given an advanced view of the power and triumph of this kingdom and told to share it with the church. It was meant to give hope and encouragement to those longing for God’s Kingdom to come.

In John’s vision the risen Christ is presented as powerful and triumphant, the Lamb of God and the Conquering Lion of Judah, ushering in His kingdom. Revelation 1:1,2 tell us:

  • Who is unveiled?

    • Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour

  • Who is the source of the information?

    • God the Father

  • To whom was it presented?

    • Jesus to Angel to John (The Beloved Apostle)

  • For whom was it provided?

    • Jesus’ Servants, so that they would know “what must soon take place”

It reminds us that Jesus in His resurrected power stands in the midst of the Church(es) challenging them by His presence and His attributes while leading them to fulfil His eternal purposes.

There is a blessing for all who lend an ear to John’s message.

And the secret to overcoming is revealed - faith in Jesus’ power to deliver all who trust in Him from Satan’s deceiving influences ‘They overcame him (the Serpent/Satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Revelation 12:11

Like the saints of John’s Day, let’s overcome the darkness and despair of our times by trusting in and shining forth the light of Jesus - our Risen and Returning Lord.



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Take A Sip - Jonathan & Kimberly Garth

November 2022

"Involvement breeds commitment" (Kim)

Those three words will forever be etched in my memory from Cru training. If something is good, why not involve others? As part of our ongoing recruitment drive, Alan Phillip and Stacy Thomas (our campus leaders), met with our final year students to share about the opportunities to serve with Cru. During one of those conversations with DéJhan Aaron (a student leader), he asked if we had any “summer” job opportunities. We did not!

However, I (Kim) immediately created an opportunity for him to work with us. In record time, the Operations team, our National Team Leader and Jon made preparations for Dé Jhan (including his job description, orientation, projects, etc).

Pictured above are Cru T&T staff along with our summer intern for 2022. (From left to right) Jemima Robin, DéJhan Aaron, Brianna Peters, Celene Ramoutar

Our Summer Internship Programme was born! (Kim)
Our logo for the programme, which has been designed by Jon

From our unexpected summer internship with Dé Jhan, we are now offering our official “Summer Internship Programme” (fondly SIP) to give students a taste of Cru from June to August every year. They will be involved in administration, accounting, and content creation … to name a few areas. 


To date, six students have expressed interest in participating so interviews will be conducted in November and fund-raising will commence in January for the students whose applications are approved. Yes, you read that correctly … they will be raising their salaries … After all, it is a taste of Cru! :)

  • Please pray for the students who will be joining the Cru SIP programme. Pray that God will help them in raising their salaries.

  • Please pray for our staff at this time as we are now in a special financial support raising period for November. Pray that God will give our staff new ministry partners.

We appreciate each of you and a special heartfelt thanks to our ministry partners! How can we pray for you? Please let us know.

Joyfully serving God together, Jonathan & Kimberly Garth Digital Strategies Team Leader Leadership Development & Human Resources Team Leader Cru T&T &


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Fun Corner

Some Christmas Comedy


A parishioner was coming out of church on Christmas morning when the Pastor who was standing the door to greet the faithful grabbed him by the hand, pulled him aside and said earnestly to him:

Pastor: “You need to join the Army of the Lord, John.”

John: “But Pastor, I am already in the Army of the Lord.”

Pastor: “Then, how come I only see you at Christmas and Easter?”

John, whispering: “Don’t tell anyone, but I am in the Secret Service.”


Doctor to bemused patient, “Well Mr Jones, I am sorry to report that you have kidney stones, gall stones and bladder stones. Welcome to the Stone Age.”


I asked my daughter to pass me the newspaper. She laughed at me and told me that newspapers are old-school. She told me that people are using tablets nowadays and handed me hers. The fly did not stand a chance.


If I drink a lot of alcohol, they say I will become an alcoholic. But I drink a lot of Fanta and nobody notices that I am becoming fantastic.


This Month's

Prayer & Praises

Let’s Pray Without Ceasing
  • From Ronald & Heather Yearwood

    • Please pray that we would be refreshed during the holidays while we are here with our children, family and friends here in Trinidad.

    • Please pray that the Empowering project in Guinea that we are working on will come to fruition soon.

    • Please pray for the various works going on in Guinea. Pray for encouragement and wisdom for them in the various stages they are in. Pray that we can continue to pray as we share experiences with them.

    • We learned this week that the first wife {Djali) of Sanasi, our co-worker has passed away. She bore him 3 children before their separation due to him choosing not to return to his former religion. The Three children are in the care of the grandmother. Please pray for Sanasi as well as for the future of these children.

    • Pray for our young adult children that they will continue to walk closely with the Lord and be encouraged. RaHndell has gotten a new job that he seems content at. Akilah is enjoying Online Bible School while working at the greenhouse. Renee desires prayer that God will grow her clientele as he sees fit. RoHn is halfway through his 2-year contract as a trainee. Please be in prayer for a job for him. He also is doing a great job managing the greenhouse.

Let’s Give Thanks
  • From Ronald & Heather Yearwood

    • We recently had a few difficult situations coupled with not getting our visas for Thailand to attend the Global forum. We have chosen to rejoice.

    • Ron had a profitable trip to India. It was precious to him, meeting the believers there. We pray that God will be glorified through the meetings they had there.

    • Even though we did not accomplish the things we had set out to do during our time (with the lateness of the rains there was still a lot of water on the road) there in West Africa we are consoled that we accomplished the things God wanted of us.

    • Thankful for health and life. Heather was able to begin her dental work. Thankful that the dentist showed favour and prioritised her appointment.



Preaching Schedule

Pictures of our Exalted Lord & Celebrating Christmas

Memory Verse:

"Do not be afraid. I am the First and the Last. I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of Death and Hades" - Revelation 1:17,18




DEC 04

Pastor Francis Warner

Letters to the Churches – 2:1-3:22 | Communion Service

DEC 11

Martin Hughes

The Worship of God and the Lamb 4:1-5:14

DEC 18

Jasmine Benjamin

Immanuel - God with Us

DEC 25

Pastor Francis Warner

Christmas Day Service

@ 7am

DEC 31

Pastor Kelvin Mapp

Old Year's Night | Communion Service

@ 9:30pm




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Sunday Service

11:30 AM

Sunday School

6:00 PM

Wednesday CBSI

7:15 PM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

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