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August 2023 Tablet

Volume 19, Issue 08
St. Augustine Evangelical Bible Church, Cor. Agostini & Bellesmythe Sts. Curepe



We have been thrown into yet another election season...


...with its many threats and promises, real issues and conspiracies, lies, truths, half-truths and innuendo…

  • Was the Government wrong to postpone Local Government elections for one year back in 2022? The Privy Council said it was within their rights but still wrong so it must be held in 2023, a year later.

  • Are senior appointments supposed to be done via the press or via responsible, official consultations?

  • The Opposition is always saying that the Government is wrong. Is the Opposition always, right?

  • Is supporting a policy while in power, then opposing it when in opposition morally defensible? NB: A former Prime Minister declared that ‘Politics has its own morality’. Is that morally defensible?

  • If Honourable Members of Parliament show contempt and disgust for each other what about us? NB: What I am really questioning is their attitude(s) towards us (the electorate) and the kind of example they are prepared to set for civil discourse in T&T?

Our attitudes to those in authority, on the other hand, have been long established by God’s Word.

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” - Romans 13:1

So, we thank God for the institution of human government, pray diligently for the leaders we choose (before and after the election processes) and remember that free and fair elections (with or without international observers) are a privilege that many other countries do not have.

So, here are some questions for the various candidates who will come seeking your vote?

  • Do you acknowledge that loving and serving God is your highest responsibility?

  • Are you willing to debate and decide the difficult issues with respect and decorum?

  • Can you promise to listen to those you represent and serve them responsibly?

  • Will you stand for honesty and fair practices and against corruption and criminal influences?

  • Will you seek to make T&T a better place and to exercise power with dignity and integrity?



I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth— 3 John 1:4


Today my heart was made glad as 7 of my children from Bible Club made the public declaration of their decision to follow Jesus through water baptism.

Three of these children had been coming to Bible Club since they were very young, and it warmed my heart to hear them testify of the role that Bible Club played in their early spiritual development.

It was a timely reminder of the impact of ministry to children. I am grateful to God for the privilege of seeing the fruit of the seeds which were sown over the past 16 years.


Reflections on my 44th birthday

If it's one thing I have learnt over my 44 years of existence is that life consists of seasons. A season is a temporary, finite amount of time in which God uses you for a particular purpose, or allows you to undergo an experience in order to accomplish a specific objective in your life.

In each season of your life, He equips you with the resources you need to accomplish His purposes in that season. Since seasons are finite, they come to an end. Having this perspective gives us the grace we need to persevere through the trying seasons, and to treasure the pleasant ones.

When I was a child, I remember always wanting a best friend. Even though I had 3 siblings, we fought a lot, so I decided I was going to have imaginary friends. I remember making a list with the names of my imaginary friends, and getting upset with my siblings when they sat on one of my imaginary friends when we got into the car. In primary school I had a best friend, but she migrated after a few years. Since then, there were others who could have had that title, but they did not remain close to me indefinitely. I remember getting upset every time the ones I considered my nearest and dearest no longer had that role in my life. I did not realize at the time that, for everyone who became less active, God provided another one or ones to take their place.

It was only when I got to be a young adult that I understood that the reason those close to me drifted away was because their season in my life had ended, and it was time for me to move on. I am still very good friends with those from past seasons, and the love I have for them is as real now as it was then, but the reality is that after they have served God's purpose, there is no need for us to be as close as we were before, and I have learnt to be OK with that. Because of this understanding, I now more fully appreciate the ones who are in my life in this current season, choosing to value the time we have together instead of being apprehensive about the time when they will no longer be around.

I no longer desire to have a 'best friend'. Placing that much pressure on one person to be everything you need them to be in your life can lead to major disappointments when they fall short. I have learnt that Jesus is the only one who can fully satisfy every desire and need I have. He has also placed me in a loving community who provided all the support I need in this life He has called me to, in every season. Some of them are older than me, some are younger, and some are in between but it doesn't matter - they are all being used as iron to sharpen iron.

I know exactly who to call on when I need someone to:

  • Release my frustrations to

  • Get advice from

  • Make me laugh

  • Go on an adventure with

  • Visit the beach

  • Get up early to exercise

  • Pray for me

  • Encourage me to do something I am hesitating to do, especially when it is a God thing

  • Push me out of my comfort zone

  • Refresh my soul

  • Give me a hug

  • Listen to my stories and really get me

  • Cook for me

  • Go shopping for me

  • Redecorate my house

  • Hold me accountable to my commitment to read through the entire Bible

  • Do ministry with

  • Understand my life story so I don't have to give context because they know it already

  • Develop a graphic for me

  • Provide decor for an event I am hosting

  • Advise me about technology

  • Remind me of how loved I am

  • Keep me company when I can't sleep

  • Give a dramatic response to my stories

  • Hold me accountable

  • Respond to my WhatsApp messages

When I look back over my life, I truly thank God for every person who has served a role through every season of my life, and for supplying me with me all that I needed to endure each season. I have no doubt that as I move forward into whatever is the next season that He is preparing me for, He has already equipped me with everything that I need exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ask or even imagine.


What's On

This Month





As announced at SAEBC’s October 2022 Business Meeting, the Pastors and Elders are preparing a Leadership Development Program that will begin in February 2023. The goal of the program is to identify and prepare members who are willing to fill leadership posts in the future within SAEBC: Ministry Leaders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Elders, Pastors or Beyond SAEBC: AEBC, Missions, Para-Church Organisations

In the past, SAEBC has found Pastors from within its Eldership and Elders from among its Deacons. The church membership has endorsed this approach to growth and development. This requires that members make themselves available for training and appointment or election to leadership positions.

We invite those who feel the call to Church leadership involvement to prayerfully consider the application below. Please complete and submit this application to the church office (in written form via Email or WhatsApp) and you will obtain an interview for inclusion in the program.

The head of the Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ, both calls and equips leaders for His body. Pray/work with us as we seek to find His provisions for SAEBC.

Please download and fill out the interest form below
Download PDF • 42KB


Fun Corner


John: But it should be OK to park here!

Officer filling out parking ticket: Haven’t you read the sign?

John: Yes, and it says ‘FINE FOR PARKING’!


Peter and his wife are holding hands as they walk through a shopping mall when he meets a friend

Friend: Well, well, well Peter… I never knew that you were such a romantic.

Peter: We always hold hands when we go shopping. If I let go, Bertha will buy something.


A plane load of passengers awaiting take-off are surprised when the announcement system declares:

"This is your pilot speaking. AI Air welcomes you aboard and promises you a safe and enjoyable flight.

Please note that I am working from home today.


Arthur to his wife pleadingly, “Please Martha, give me a break! If something I said can be interpreted in two ways and one of the ways upsets you, then I meant the other one!”


Two guys meet on opposite sides of a small river and enter into the following conversation:

First guy shouting frantically, “I need you to help me get to the other side of this river!”

Second guy, “You are already on the other side.”


This Month's

Prayer & Praises

Let’s Pray Without Ceasing
  • For ISCF camp that kicked off on the 23rd -29th July (senior camp)

    • Let’s pray for all the children that attended and for the lessons taught, that it will be a foundation and a building block where needed for those who need it stay with them as they continue to grow in stature with both God and man

  • For ISCF Primary/Junior camp 30th July -5th August, pray that the campers’ hearts will be receptive to what God is saying, that the camp workers will be in tune with the Holy Spirit's leading, and for the health and safety of those involved

  • As we are nearing locations elections let us pray for each candidate and that the best person is elected

  • For our nation as the crime rate is increasing

Let’s Give Thanks
  • A successful ISCF senior camp

  • For Gods covering, blessing and protection

  • For good weather and no reports of floods and or landslides



Preaching Schedule

Rooted and Grounded in Love: - Love and Loving in the Church Community




AUG 06

Pastor Kelvin Mapp



Eph 2:1-10 • Undeserving Love


Communion Service

AUG 13

Jasmine Benjamin

Eph 3:14-20 Experiencing Surpassing Love

AUG 20

Elder Joe Caterson

Eph 4:1- 6 Unifying Love

AUG 27

Lindsay Gibbings

Eph 4:7-16 • Speaking and building in Love


Pastor Francis Warner



Eph 5: 1-14 Waking in Love and Light


Communion Service



9:00 AM

Sunday Service

10:00 AM

Sunday Junior Church

11:30 AM

Sunday School

6:00 PM

Wednesday CBSI

7:15 PM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting

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