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Perspectives On The Vaccine...

There is a raging debate even in Christian circles as to whether persons should take the COVID-19 vaccine. To add some expertise to the discussion, we have asked some of our SAEBC family in the medical profession. As one of them put it, if my computer crashes I take it to an expert in computers. Let's hear what our medical folks have to say:

Dr. Arvinder Sookhoo

As a doctor working with COVID- 19 positive patients, I have seen terrible effects of the virus such as worsened mental and physical health and even death. Our nation is fortunate to have vaccines that have undergone many trials and tests available to our high risk population groups. These vaccines ensure that the chances of contracting and transmitting the virus are smaller and provide a large amount of protection against serious complications for those who have tested positive. I would recommend eligible persons to get vaccinated to create a safer and more ‘normal’ tomorrow - Dr. Arvinder Sookhoo


Dr. Jeremy Smith

The COVID-19 virus has resulted in sickness, suffering and death that most of us have never seen before. The COVID-19 Vaccines have all been proven to reduce the likelihood of serious illness (and death) from COVID-19 in those that have received it. Vaccines have helped to prevent unnecessary illnesses in other diseases and it is no different with COVID-19. Any opportunity to protect yourself and loved ones from this terrible disease should be taken and thus I recommend taking the COVID-19 vaccine if you get the opportunity to do so - Dr. Jeremy Smith



I bet you’re thinking, “He’s a doctor and he’s afraid of getting injections?”

“Well, YEAH!”

Considerations from Dr. Kymmi Caesar

I’ve always been afraid of them. If I manage to take it calm and cool and not whining, I’m doing really well. I remember the jabs I got on my right shoulder. The nurse gave me the option of which shoulder. “Geez!” As if it wasn’t hard enough someone making holes in me, I have to choose which shoulder I want to grieve over. So you get my point (no pun intended). Cue Uncle Francis. When you’re presented with whether to take the vaccine,

“Do you have a good enough reason not to?”

If your answer is, “No,” then here are two considerations:

How difficult it may be to take normal breaths through a drinking straw and not being able to cough when you have to. And, becoming tired of breathing. Yeah! You can get tired of breathing. Effectively that’s what it’s like getting the lung disease associated with the coronavirus VS

You can get immune protection and protect yourself. LIVE ON and help protect your loved ones who may not be able to have the vaccine administered to them.

Get the facts. Get informed, because it’s an informed decision and all decisions of your life ought to be an informed one, because all decisions have consequences.

Final Thought: contracting the coronavirus disease means more needle sticks. I’ll say nothing more. - Dr. Kymmi Caesar


Dr. Sadie Isidore, MD, MPH

As an avid member of my family WhatsApp chat, I have easy access to all the current ideas, opinions and conspiracy theories about the COVID19 vaccine. This chat, a mixture of ages, races and backgrounds serves as a subset of the wider society. When my uncle posts that the vaccine has a chip in it for example, debates ensue, with people chipping in from various perspectives. Some cousins agree, being tracked by the government seems like a terrible idea, while other cousins call it ridiculous, why would they bother to track people like us?

Though these theories may seem outlandish, many concerns surrounding the vaccine are real and valid. Was it done too quickly? If I’m still going to get it, why should I take it? I don’t like being forced to do anything? My body, my choice, and I choose no.

In the midst of all the theories however, three things stand out to me.

1. Vaccines can save our lives, and are currently protecting all of us from measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and tetanus. Though we took them as children, we’ve been given the advantage at life without certain disabilities and other ailments related to these diseases. We owe it to ourselves to take anything that can give us the best shot of having a better quality of life.

2. What if it wasn’t about us? As someone below 30, I can perhaps get COVID-19 and survive. However, mother dearest? She may not. My aunts and great aunts may not make it at all. My friends who have conditions that don’t allow them to get the vaccine might die, because I decided it didn't matter. Other people matter, and people without symptoms can still pass it on to other people who can’t afford to get it.

3. Medicine can be scary. The unknown always is. The truth is that we are never going to be experts in everything. I have never been to hospitality school, so my meals will never go beyond salad and chicken, or salad and lamb, or salad and beef (you get the idea). I’ve also never done IT, so if my computer crashes right now, I’m not sure how I’m going to submit these words. Ultimately life requires us to trust people in certain fields, hoping that they have our best interest at heart. I am one of those professionals, and you know me. So when I suggest you take the vaccine, you can trust me.


Carlene Williams is a Nurse Manager who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Oncology and a Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration both from the University of the West Indies, School of Nursing. She has had the pleasure of working in the Main Operating Theatre and managing and coordinating of staff during this pandemic.

Patients and my colleagues, trust me, a nurse, to be looked after in a professional way. They trust me that I will follow my code of conduct and the guidelines and use my clinical expertise to be able to provide patient safety. Therefore, my colleagues from both nursing and medical research have my trust that their achievements to create the new vaccine will guide us in combatting this deadly virus.

The world has provided pertinent and relevant information on COVID-19 and the vaccine in as such vaccines are still awaited and prevention is the most lucrative option at this moment. As such, the vaccine has been considered a game changer and an easy solution to this pandemic. However, discovering and producing a novel viral vaccine is somewhat not an easy job in a short span of time, due to its efficacy and safety concerns. Since the onset of this pandemic, researchers have been working diligently globally for a viable vaccine and many are purported to be in the pipeline to bring back normalcy to the world.

During this pandemic and always let us, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight Proverbs 3: 5-6.


Neatcha Wallace, Radiographer | Lexter Wallace, Sonographer

Greetings brothers and sisters at home and abroad. Grace and peace to you!

This simple yet powerful salutation is ever so necessary in this world filled with fear and anxiety due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Covid and its sudden effects may have jolted us mere mortals but it didn't surprise our sovereign God! Whatever His reasons for allowing this to happen may or may not be revealed in due time but we continue to have hope.

My wife and I choose to remain positive and as such, believe that the development of COVID 19 vaccines relatively quickly can be viewed as an answer to the prayers of the saints. Why do we believe this? Firstly, we believe that God answers the prayers of His people in accordance with His will (1 John 5: 14-15). He has demonstrated His mercy by granting scientists in different countries (USA, UK, China, Cuba) the wisdom to develop several vaccines.

Secondly, several independent studies have shown the vaccines to be safe and efficacious. Neatcha and I were fully vaccinated since the end of June. The process was quick and well-organized with the actual jabs causing only minimal injection site pain. In the nearly two months since our first jab, there has been no discernible adverse reactions! Praise God!

In conclusion, I would recommend all who read this to get vaccinated and encourage those you know to do so. The Sinopharm vaccine which we received is now readily available across health centres across the country. It is also the only one in T&T that utilized the 'old' vaccine production method which is time-tested. So brethren, let us do our part to contribute to the restoration of a semblance of normalcy in our daily lives. GET VACCINATED!

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