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A letter from the Lord for the New Year

What would you find most useful as you face a new year ahead? Perhaps a word of guidance and encouragement from the Lord would be helpful. So, here is a letter to you for Jesus to provide just that. It was composed by a believer to answer the question, “What do you think Jesus would tell you if you could be speaking to Him right now?” Read what this disciple heard the Lord say and consider what He might be saying to you.

To My Beloved Disciple...
Do not procrastinate, arise and shine,
Do those good works that I bring to mind,
Share and spread my Gospel of love,
The Good News of Salvation and New Life from above.
Support and give words of comfort to others.
Share of your substance with sisters and brothers.
Shine your light before men so that they may see
Your good works and come to glorify Me.
Do no sinful action, speak no angry word
For you belong to me as a Child of the Lord.
I am kind and gentle, I am pure and true
And my children are called to be holy too.
Remember to take every trial in stride
Knowing I am always there at your side.
My Word and My Spirit, Persistence in Prayer
Are there to sustain you throughout this New Year.

Words of Wisdom for the Year Ahead

“When you finally learn that a person’s behaviour has more to do with their internal struggles than it ever did with you… then you learn to show grace.”

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