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Weekly Ministry

Prayer Meeting

Our corporate prayer group meets to pray weekly. We pray for a range of issues including personal, national, and international matters, and for the Church of Christ. Open to any person desiring to join, to all age groups Wednesdays 7:15 pm – 8:30 pm via Zoom

This Month's Prayer:

Our church missionaries

Weekly Ministry

Worship Team

SAEBC's Worship Team is committed to the leading of our church fellowship into the Ministry of the Corporate Worship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. One of the Worship Team's major focuses is SAEBC's Sunday Morning Services. The Team does not put on a performance for the congregation to look on at, but rather seeks to encourage one and all to participate in our collective worship. The Worship Team comprises 5 areas: Multi-Media, Musicians, Online services, Sound system and Worship. Any member of SAEBC who is interested in being part of the Worship Team in one or more of the 5 areas must be: Committed to a growing relationship with the Lord; Committed to serving the Lord consistently and self-sacrificially in this Ministry; Committed to working together with others; Committed to being willing to be trained and/or working on and improving on skills already acquired.

Committed to

Serving the Church

Helping Hands


Our motto is 'Each One Reach One'. We evangelize to unbelievers. There are about 4 evangelistic Sundays per year. Church members invite their unsaved friends, family, and neighbours. An evangelistic message is preached and an invitation is given to accept Jesus as Lord. We also distribute tracts/flyers in the community to advertise evangelistic events such as Easter Outreach and Christmas plays. There are evangelistic ministries that anyone can participate in such as the hospital visitation ministry but this was put on pause due to Covid. We offer personal evangelistic training for anyone wanting to develop confidence and competence in evangelism. There are also plans for upcoming group training sessions. Interested persons can also serve on the Evangelism Committee or lend support.

Committed to missions

service and support

CBSI & Sunday School 013.jpg
Helping Hands


A ministry dedicated to serving the house of God on Sundays through guidance and edification.

We are always

happy to help

Weekly Ministry


Fridays at 6:30 pm, our youth gather to spend time with each other and Christ. Currently inactive.

Welcome to ages

Twelve to twenty-five

Felowship Groups

Ladies' Ministry

All ladies over 18 of SAEBC are invited to join our ladies’ ministry. Our aim is to have at least 4 meetings/events per year with all women of the church. Additionally, we have small groups of about 6 persons who meet for social interaction, encouragement in prayer, and general support.

Welcoming women

age eighteen and older

Helping Hands


The committee is responsible for conducting activities and sponsoring events that welcome new members and promote fellowship throughout the church. Our task is to help our guests feel and experience the love of God by truly welcoming them into our Church environment through friendly and authentically gracious service. The invitation to join our team is extended to all members of SAEBC.

Committed to creating

a welcoming space



Ministers of the gospel in song to the church and the wider body. We minister encouragement to our congregation at various conventions, and to our elderly population. We do Christmas and Easter productions which remind us of the real reason for these seasons. Choir membership is open to members of the church ages 13yrs and over and all committed singers and worshippers.

Serving the Lord

through joyful noise

Weekly Ministry


Community Bible Study is interactive corporate bible study Participants examine the Scriptures in 5 ways 1. Personal reading/study of a Biblical passage 2. Reflection on the passage by answering a list of prepared questions 3. Group discussion of the answers to the questions (learning from one-another) 4. A sermon or lecture on the passage 5. A written commentary on the passage All the above takes place in a fellowship that encourages learning and growth. CBSI is for anyone who wants to study the Bible in a structured way (Book by Book). There is really no age limit. The materials we are using suit secondary school students and above. If younger persons are interested we can source materials and a teacher for their age group. We meet via ZOOM on Wednesdays from 6.00 to 7.00pm. We just finished a study of Romans and will begin the Pastoral Epistles (Titus and Timothy) in September. All are welcome!

Zoom Meetings:

Wednesdays at 6:00pm

Felowship Groups

Men's Ministry

A men’s ministry to men! All men over 18 of SAEBC are invited to join our men’s ministry. We are here for men’s fellowship, creating opportunities for our men to reach out and make connections. Our meetings are usually online or in-person. When in-person, locations will vary widely from the church building to wherever we plan to have…all under the banner of men's fellowship. Our goal is to affirm those already growing in ministry and to encourage all to use their gifts and talents in service unto the Lord in the church and beyond.

Welcoming men

age eighteen and older

Helping Hands


A ministry devoted to helping those who need assistance to meet their physical needs. Our support net is firstly casted to members of the church who are in need and secondly to family, friends and neighbours of members of the church as well as persons in the community. The 8 person committee is supported by a group of 13 persons where and when additional help is needed. Other persons willing to assist the committee can donate grocery items and/ or toiletries or give of their time. Contact the Church office to express your interest. For financial donations, the transaction must be done through the church via offering envelopes, or through direct or online deposits.

Committed to

community support

CBSI & Sunday School 013.jpg
Helping Hands


Currently this ministry is inactive

Praise him through

movement and music

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